We are catalysts in resilience, happiness and positive change at work:

  • We empower men and women by undoing the old moulds and help you be ready to thrive in 21st century challenges.
  • We support inclusion of feminine and masculine values.
  • We help people increase their balance, joy, mental resilience and decrease the risk for burnout, bore-out or opt-out.

"Burning the candles at both ends, doesn’t make us effective at our jobs. Nor happy. We’ve got access to most jobs, the money and the power. But we’re too tired too enjoy it. What’s happening?" -Arianna Huffington on time and work, 2013

Many are aware we can’t continue living and working as we did before. It is not sustainable. Many get stuck at the "How to change, where to start from, what to do". That is where we come in, we help you move on to a happier future that lasts. For your self, your team, your company.

"It’s not sufficient to do things better. We need to do better things." -Mark Shayler

In practice, here is what we can do for you


We help you succeed in creating the optimal meeting point between feminin and masculin values, increasing mental resilience and empowerment. This is key for innovation, trust and change.


Good leadership is always human. It takes time and energy. It is hard work. Which is why good leadership is so special when we find it. We help you find it.


We help you get breakthroughs to blossom, use your full potential, energy and impact. We help you to BE the change you want to see in the world.


Society is changing faster than ever, deeper than ever. We all need to do more with less. In business this means doing more with less people, less funding and less security.

We believe that more of the same won’t get us anywhere. Long-held definitions of performance, engagement, leadership and success – money and power -are being radically disrupted. The new criteria for future add care for humanity, wellbeing, connecting instead of competing and daring to be vulnerable to gain trust.

This is what we bring to the table. We inspire, confront and grow people to become rejuvenated at work and to live life fully engaged and energised. We make this positive change work and last.

This also helps prevent, or cure, the growth of people who are disengaged/bored-out/burn-out that strongly affects direct colleagues, private life etc. and that holds back organizations from achieving peak performance.