Between the glass ceiling and the sticky floor, there is a labyrinth

What stops women and organisations from moving forward? Between the glass ceiling and the sticky floor, there is a labyrinth.

1. Glass ceiling
in some organisations and sectors this is a hard reality, some say it is a myth. What is new is that the composition of the ceiling will eventually change:  baby boomers shaped change in the 1960s. They will impact the nature of this ceiling, although we have yet to discover how.

2. Labyrinth
The pattern of a workplace is historically shaped by a traditional male work culture. It plans for a linear career path with no space for career breaks. It often equates leadership with total availability and total geographical mobility, “anytime, anywhere”. Working women often lack vision about where they want to be professionally in 3-5 years. As a result, they are unclear as to which career path to choose. They tend to make ad-hoc professional choices that are not necessarily in line with their dreams about a career, their talents, and their personal core values.

3. Sticky floor
Some women avoid taking the driver seat when it comes to planning their professional development. A combination of self-limiting good–girl behaviour and a lack of insight into oneself (regarding professional skills-expertise-experience, characteristics, behaviour) prevent women from being proactive.

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